Land Development Codes

The page is a resource for land owners that may be interested in developing land in the City of Waldo. Please review our Land Development Codes prior to building in the City of Waldo. Please contact City Manager, Kim Worley with any questions at


Article 1 General Adoption

Article 2 Land Use Adoption

Article 3 Overlay Districts Adoption

Article 4 Concurrency Adoption

Article 5 Resource Protection 1.1.14

Article 6 Development Design Adoption

Article 7 Supp Standards 1.1.13

Article 8 Signs Adoption

Article 9 Hardship 1.1.13

Article 10 Subdivision Adoption

Article 11 Admin and Enforcement Adoption


Figure 6.05.02 A

Figure 6.05.02 C


City of Waldo Comprehensive Plan

City of Waldo Future Land Use Map


Code of Ordinances

Chapter 1 General Provisions Adoption

Chapter 2 Administration 1.1.15

Chapter 3 Businesses 1.1.13

Chapter 4 Miscellaneous Provisions Adoption

Chapter 5 Health and Sanitation 1.1.16

Chapter 6 Housing Adoption

Chapter 7 Public Utilities and Services 1.1.16

Chapter 8 Roads and Bridges 1.1.13