Comprehensive Plan

Per Section 163 Florida Statutes, local governments are required to create, adopt and maintain a Comprehensive Plan that addresses where residential and non-residential uses are located in the area. The City of Waldo addresses the location of uses within incorporated City of Waldo. Florida Statues provides for two methods to amend the Comprehensive Plan (Small Scale and Large Scale Amendments). Amendments to Comprehensive Plan are proposed by property owners and sometimes local governments to change the designation from those listed within the Comprehensive Plan to another one list in the Comprehensive Plan. Amendments can also include text amendments. Small Scale amendments are for properties 10 acres or less and Large Scale amendments are for text amendments and properties that are larger than 10 acres. Each requires a review by the City Manager and City Council. Only Large Scale amendments are reviewed by state and regional agencies. Please see the links (at the bottom of this webpage) to the Florida Division of Community Development for more on these types of amendments.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – General Provisions Adoption
Chapter 2 – Administration
Chapter 3 – Businesses
Chapter 4 – Miscellaneous Provisions Adoption
Chapter 5 – Health and Sanitation
Chapter 6 – Housing Adoption
Chapter 7 – Public Utilities and Services
Chapter 8 – Roads and Bridges
Chapter 9 – Fees and Taxation
Waldo City Charter